Homemade Bubble Bath Recipe


This homemade bubble bath recipe is easy to make. When you melt Castile soap and add water and glycerin to it, you get a bubble bath. You can then add your essential oils, fragrances and/or other oils to make a wonderful bubble bath that is both delightful and good for your skin.

Just in case you’re interested, pure Castile soap is made when olive oil is mixed with lye. A by product is glycerin which is usually removed and sold separately unless of course you make your own castile soap.

Homemade Bubble Bath Recipe


1 qt Water

1 bar Castile soap — grated

2 oz Glycerin

2 ¼ teaspoons essential oil or fragrance (You can choose to use less or slightly more fragrance. It’s your choice.)

Grate the soap into the water and heat over water until the soap melts. In order to create bubble bath, the soap must be liquefied. (Castile soap will melt at room temperature, but adding heat speeds up the process.) Once the soap melts, add the glycerin and fragrance, pour into bottle and you have created your own bubble bath.

This homemade bubble bath recipe makes a relatively small batch and that’s good in that it gives you the opportunity to experiment with other fragrances and oils to see which combinations you like the best.

Now go have fun and relax.

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    1. Hi there Guest,

      Thank you for your question.

      I posted this recipe way back in 2010 and there was an error which I have now corrected. If it were not for your question, I would have not been made aware of the problem.

      The purpose of the glycerin is to make the bubbles last a little longer. You can not substitute coconut oil and expect bubbles (I tried it and it didn’t work). What you might try is substituting a portion of the water with coconut milk for a more soothing and nourishing bath.

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