Is DMAE Safe to Use?

Wrinkles be gone. That’s the miracle DMAE is supposed to perform. Then comes the big question. Is DMAE safe to use?

The short answer to the question is DMAE safe to use is a resounding maybe yes and maybe no. Apparently , revious studies indicated it caused skin damage that was reversed when it was removed from the skin. In other words, the skin recovered. Yet another study was done on rabbit ears and there appeared to be a thickening of the skin indicating damage, but that study was not without its flaws. It appears that the DMAE was in alkaline form and the DMAE used in skin care products are pH balanced.

That doesn’t tell us much, does it?

What is DMAE?

So what is DMAE? It is Dimethylaminoethanol alias Deanol alias dimethylethanolamine. A chemist’s dream product guaranteed to make us all look 16 and make somebody very wealthy. When you are considering whether to use this product on your skin because somebody says it works without harm, think hard. Remember DMSO was supposed to restore your body to a youthful state. That is until it was discovered it was having horrible side effects. Remember thalidomide that was prescribed as a relaxant until it was discovered it produced serious birth defects.

Our Advice

Our advice to our goddesses is to forego using products containing DMAE until such time as more clinical trials are run and it can be proven safe. We will be watching for that to happen and when it does, our goddesses will be the first to know.

There is one product out there which contains DMAE that supposedly the “movie stars” use to hide their wrinkles. It has a very large and

alluring advertising campaign to get you to try it. They even offer a free trial (you only pay shipping and handling). The reason they do this is because they are confident you will be impressed with the product and come back for more. Don’t be taken in by the hype. Wait.

In the meantime, use products that are known to be safe and use them in safe concentrations. You have to keep in mind that if a recipe for a cream calls for a 1% solution of a product, it’s probably for good reason. Using too much can alter the most benign ingredient into something toxic. That’s super bad juju.


We here at SpaFromScratch want you to be both beautiful and safe. That’s what our posts are all about. We don’t want any of our goddesses to have problems and take unnecessary risks. Life’s too short for that.

Now go have fun and relax.

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