Jojoba Oil – What You Need To Know

Jojoba oil is one of my favorites. Actually, Jojoba “oil” pronounced (Ho-Ho-Ba), isn’t really oil at all, but a wax ester. However, it looks and feels like an oil so I’m going to go right on referring to it as an oil. Anyway, jojoba is more spendy than olive oil (another one of my favorites), but most closely matches the natural oil (sebum) in human skin. That’s one of the reasons you’ll see this oil in a lot of the recipes on this site. But wait!! There’s more, lots more reasons I love this oil.

Jojoba oil won’t clog pores therefore it’s great for anyone with oily skin or skin prone to acne. It’s also absolutely wonderful for people with dry skin. A few drops of jojoba oil will keep skin moisturized all day. That’s awesome.

Another plus is the stability of jojoba oil. You can store jojoba for 15 months to two years at room temperature and twice that long if kept refrigerated. Some sources say jojoba never spoils. I say hmmmmm to that.

Jojoba oil is non allergenic and is safe to use around eyes. So no worries when you use it in creams, lotions and other skin care creations.

It works great as a makeup remover. A small amount will remove foundation, eye makeup, lipstick, etc.

You can use jojoba oil all by itself or mix with other carrier oils such as olive oil or sweet almond oil when you are making your own skin and hair care creations. Add a few drops to your hand creams, moisturizers, and anti-wrinkle creams to enhance their effectiveness. You can also use jojoba oil all by itself. Put a drop on your finger and apply to your lips and you’ve got the perfect lip balm. Gently massage 5 or 6 drops on your face for instant nourishing moisture. Add a few drops more at night to use as a night treatment.

If you add a few drops to damp hair, it will make it shiny without giving it that greasy look. If you massage into your scalp, it works as a deep moisturizing treatment that acts as an antidandruff treatment.

Jojoba is one wax ester that everyone should have handy as it’s one of natures gifts that just keeps giving. I can’t think of a more useful gift to give someone I care about as long as I include all the ways it can be used. (You can just print out copies of this article and include it with the jojoba oil). I say thank you to the jojoba tree whose nuts give us this awesome gift. I recommend buying pure organic jojoba oil.

Now go have fun and relax.

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  1. Nice article thanks. BTW jojoba isn’t a tree, it’s a shrub that grows in the southwest deserts. It’s also,used as a replacement for whale oil.

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