Lori’s Guide to Becoming a Ray of Sunshine

In today’s world with so much negativity and stress, many seem to lose track of how to have fun and be happy. It’s a personal mission of mine to help bring fun and happiness into the lives of others.

The principles I use to be a “ray of sunshine” to others:

Smile at everyone you meet.

When someone is not pleasant consider that they may just be having a bad day. Most likely it’s nothing personal. I Comment that they seem to be out of sorts and ask them if everything is alright. If you try this, you might be surprised at the answers you receive.

Hugs are free. Give them in abundance.

When your children (teen too!) come home from school, ask them what their favorite activities were for that day. (This helps to keep kids positive about school and shows that you’re interested.)

When you greet your significant other at the end of the day, do it with a smile, a hug, and a great big kiss. Save any issues or complaints for later. Sometimes issues resolve themselves, but before going to bed, discuss those that don’t.

Make it a point to compliment people, including family. Always be truthful.

Be a good listener.

Share jokes freely. It’s a wonderful feeling to see someone laugh.

Be healthy. It’s hard to be positive if you’re not feeling well, or have no energy.

Offer encouragement to those who need it.

Spend more time with those with positive attitudes. This recharges your positive energy.

Stay positive about yourself. Enjoy who you are right now realizing that no one is perfect. Let go of harsh personal criticism.

Spend a limited amount of time when dealing with a negative person. You don’t want them to use up all of your positive energy.

Don’t judge others. Remember, you have never walked in their shoes.

Good deeds help to keep me positive and they also brighten the lives of others. The following is a list of some of the things I do:

  • Take someone to lunch. My treat.
  • Stop in for a visit to someone living alone.
  • Make my husband a special meal.
  • Send e-cards to friends.
  • Put a love note in my husband’s lunch.
  • Text my teenage son that I love him.
  • Play a game with my family after dinner instead of watching TV.
  • Tutor and help kids who are disadvantaged in some way.
  • Watch a funny movie with a friend.

Family fun and happiness

I built a list of enjoyable activities by category: Those that are free or cost very little; Rainy day; Sunny day; Snow day. I avoid the TV unless it’s for family movie night. I try to keep most of my fun in the “real” world.

If weekends become a bit stale for my family, I go impromptu. For instance, sometimes I’ll pack the car in advance. Wake everyone up on Saturday, and head out. I might have chosen a destination in advance or not. Sometimes we just go exploring. It might be a day trip or an overnighter. Some of the most fun times are from these little impromptu escapades.

Everyone wants to feel special. In my opinion, there’s no better way to make someone feel special than to spend quality one-on-one time them. For instance, On Wednesdays, Tommy, my teenage son, starts school an hour late. When my husband goes to bed on Tuesday, Tommy and I spend a couple of hours together doing something fun. We take turns deciding on what. One Tuesday he may be watching a chick flick with me. Another Tuesday we may be playing video games. Whatever we do we have fun just spending time together.

On Saturday night Don and I go out on a date. This has kept the spark of romance alive in our marriage and makes him realize how special he is to me. We always have fun on our dates.


Bringing a little sunshine into the lives of others makes everyone’s life better. It’s my hope that in some small way, the tips in this article will help some of our gods and goddesses have a happier fun-filled life. If you have any suggestions of your own please put them in the comments section below. We would love to hear your ideas. 🙂

Now go have fun and relax.



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