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Fingernails and toenails can tell a story about your health. They can also have problems related to your lifestyle. Maybe you would like to know how to treat hangnails or brittle nails or blackened toenails. Whatever your question, when you ask a professional that specializes in nail care and conditions, you’re going to get a reliable answer.

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  1. Guest


    A few years ago my fingernails became rigid, my doctor said it was normal. But I don’t think it is Help

    • SpaFromScratch

      When you say “rigid” do you mean your nails have hardened? This is usually a sought after condition. However, if you mean your nails have become hard and brittle, that’s a different matter.
      Please provide a little more information.

  2. Guest

    Right after that “time of the month” my nails become brittle and break. I’ve tried using strength and hardner treatments right before I surmise the break will come but without fail they continue to break. I’m not a fan of acrylic or overlays and want to keep my nails natural. Any suggestion?? Btw found you guys on twitter. Score!!

    • SpaFromScratch

      Vitamin D appears to be the main dietary common denominator associated with both a period and fingernail problems. You may want to consider trying a supplement.

      We’re not doctors here, so you should talk to your doctor to see if there are other issues which should be addressed such as hypothyroidism.

  3. Guest

    Plz I need to know if I can find shop in Dubai, united arabs Emirates that can buy products from nail aid?
    I have problem with my nails very weak and easly get broken where never get strong or grow in good way
    I tried a lot of products but nothing I got out of
    I want to buy from nail aid but I live in dubai UAE and I wonder if there is address or telephon or shop for it
    Can u advice?
    Randa A

  4. Guest

    I have never been a finger nail biter, but am unable to grow my finger nails,my thumb nails have a line all the way through the nail and when it gets to a certain length it splits.
    Could you please give me some advice
    I look forward to you reply

    • SpaFromScratch

      Hi Susie,

      I’m wondering if at some point you could have damaged that nail thus causing the line. According to the Mayo clinic, vertical lines are not a concern, however horizontal lines indicate you should see a doctor.

      In researching, I found that a vitamin deficiency can cause this problem, particularly a deficiency in vitamin B. However, other vitamins and minerals may also be a factor such as vitamin D and calcium. That said, you might also consider dietary factors.

      Normally I would suggest using a product to reinforce the nail. However, if the split goes all the way through the nail to the bed, that may be ill advised.

      If the problem doesn’t resolve, talk to your physician. S/he might have other suggestions.

      P.S. I have a vertical line that runs along my right thumbnail, however mine doesn’t go all the way through. This didn’t happen until I quit taking my vitamins. Bad me!!

  5. Ama

    Quick question, and thanks in advance for help! Toe nails on several toes are very thickened. How to trim them safely at home? Thinking there must be a reat tool you will know of for this task. (do all my pedicures at home with self crafted body products)

  6. Guest

    I generally have very strong nails, but two of them often split about an eighth of the way from the side of the nail. Is there something I can do to stop this?