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Patricia’s Homemade Spa Day


Compared to many women, Patricia has it easy. She doesn’t have money worries therefore she can afford to treat herself to the spa products of her choice. She only has one child, twelve-year-old Luke, her husband, Joe, who is a senior electrical engineer who works in Civil Service, a 10 year old cat, Barney, and Rufus, the family dog.

Patricia occasionally goes to a local spa for a massage and facial, but when her friend, Sue told her how much she enjoyed a home spa day, Patricia decided to give it a try. She met with Sue for lunch one day and found out how Sue spent her spa day; totally self indulgent.

When Patricia got home that afternoon, she went online to research what products might work best for her hair and skin type. However, while reading she became fascinated by essential oils for their mind and body healing properties. She became so fascinated that she went to her local bookstore and purchased the aromatherapy book “Fragrant Pharmacy” by Valerie Ann Worwood.

Patricia’s Products

It was three weeks after she decided to try to have a home spa day and Pat was ready for the day. It was a Tuesday morning in mid October. Outside, nature was providing a typical northwest scene of wet, cold and grey. Joe was off to work and Luke was at school. It was perfect for a spa day.

Patricia’s Spa Day

Now fully relaxed, refreshed, and invigorated, Patricia decided to read more out of her book. She wanted to learn what essential oils would be good for her hair, nails, and skin. She knew Luke would soon be entering his acne prone years so she was motivated to learn what she could about acne treatment and prevention. There were so many interesting and useful things to know, she couldn’t wait to get started.

One thing she knew above all else. This was going to be the first of many personal spa days.

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