Personal Schedule for a Beautiful You

Keeping your skin, hair and nails in tip top condition should be the goal of all the goddesses here at SpaFromScratch. The best way to do that is to set up a personal schedule so that no part of your body is overlooked. In the example below is Christine’s personal schedule that you can follow or adapt to your specific needs.

However, there are a few points to consider prior to setting up your personal schedule.

How often should you bathe or shower?

Hot water, soap and abrading bathing tools such as Loofah sponges tear at the outer protective layer of your skin. With this in mind, if your skin is very dry, you may want to step into a warm shower briefly once a day and rinse your entire body reserving soap use for those areas noted for producing undesirable odors.

If your skin is normal to oily, showering or bathing daily in warm water with a mild soap is fine. Long baths with soap should be limited to your spa days and should always be followed by a good body moisturizer.

Regardless of skin type, pat your skin dry after showering or bathing so as not to damage your skin’s mantle.

How often should you wash your hair?

This depends on a number of factors including your age, how oily your hair is and what type of work you do. That said, according to hair professionals, you should wash your hair no more than two or three times a week and less often if it is dry. If your hair is oily, your oil glands might be going into overdrive as they attempt to compensate for dryness caused by over washing.

How often should you tint or color your hair?

Ideally, you won’t use any chemicals on your hair. However, I know that the divas that come to this site often like to play with their appearance and one way to do that is for them to color their hair.

The healthiest approach to coloring your hair is to use a temporary or semi-permanent dye. The main drawback to these colorants is that they only have the ability to darken hair. To lighten hair requires a permanent dye which will contain ammonia and that can be damaging to your hair.

If your hair is healthy and strong, you can apply permanent dye every four weeks and a semi-permanent or temporary product can be applied every two weeks.

If your hair is dry or porous, it can be permanently dyed every six to eight weeks with a permanent dye and four to six weeks for a semi-permanent or temporary dye.

If your hair is severely damaged, don’t attempt to dye it at home. Talk to a professional. If you don’t, you might just end up needing to wear a wig.

How often should you cut your hair?

You should have your hair trimmed every eight weeks or more often for short cuts. This will keep your hair looking thicker and will help prevent unsightly splitting.

How often should you have a perm?

Roughly every three to six months. Perms from salons generally last longer than perms you do yourself. If your hair is damaged, you would be wise to talk to a good stylist before you perm. I tried a perm with damaged hair once and came out looking like I’d poked my finger in a light socket. It took months for my hair to recover from that ordeal.

How often should you wash your face?

Actually, you shouldn’t wash your face at all using soap. Even the gentlest soap is too harsh for the delicate skin on your face. Cleanse your skin with an appropriate cleanser for your skin type every evening.  Splash your face with warm water in the morning and apply moisturizer.

How often should you apply a facial mask?

Apply a facial mask once a week at least. Some mask product instructions recommend that you use the product daily. If you follow those instructions you will use up their product sooner. The sooner you use up the product, the faster you will need to buy more won’t you? Hmmmmm.

How often should you exfoliate?

Exfoliate your face two times a week.

How often should you have a pedicure?

There is no exact scheduling for pedicures. However, it is a wonderful add-on to your spa day or a great treat anytime. A partial pedicure, namely a foot soak is extremely relaxing and good anytime you have a stressful day.

How often should you have a manicure?

Your hands speak volumes about you, therefore it’s important to take good care of them. This care definitely includes your fingernails. Divas don’t like ugly jagged nails, hangnails and peeling polish.  Regular use of gloves when doing tasks involving soapy water or chemicals will help keep your hands looking lovely. So will the regular use of a good hand cream. However, a manicure is a critical part of your hand care regimen. Keep a sharp on your fingernails. They will tell you when it’s time for a manicure.

Christine’s personal schedule

Christine is a physician with long, fine hair treated with a semi-permanent dye. Her skin type is mixed. In the spring and summer, she enjoys gardening. She uses a gentle liquid soap on the three days when she showers with soap. Two days of the week she rinses her body in warm water and uses soap on areas that tend to develop odors. One day she soaks in a tub of warm water and bath salts.

She washes her hair three times a week and wears it in an updo during the week. On evenings when she is going out, she has a stylist ready her hair for the evening and usually, but not always, wears it down.

Because her hair is treated with a semi-permanent dye and fine, and because she has selected a color close to her natural color, Christine visits her salon every eight weeks to for a trim and dye treatment. (She doesn’t perm her hair.) Immediately after her appointment, she schedules the next so she remembers to have it done on time.

Her job as a physician doesn’t allow her to grow long luxurious fingernails, but she has her nails manicured by a professional once a month and treats herself to a pedicure at the same time. As a physician, Christine washes her hands many times a day so she is diligent about keeping a good moisturizing cream on them.

Christine’s weekly schedule:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Body Showers with soap Shower rinse Shower with soap Shower rinse Shower with soap Soaking bath PM Shower rinse
Face Exfoliates Mask Exfoliates
Hair Washes Washes Washes
Hands Creams Creams Creams Creams Creams Creams Creams


It’s important to remember that a beautiful you is also dependent on what you eat and drink and how much exercise you get. So when you’re setting up your personal schedule, factor in how you will implement a really good diet and exercise program. Your skin, hair and nails will thank you by looking healthy, youthful and vibrant.

Now go have fun and relax.

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