Quiet Your Mind – An Enhanced Spa Day Experience

A good spa tends to the psychological and physical well-being of its clients. A good spa will quiet your mind in a variety of ways including the use of color, music, massage, diffused scents and relaxing massages with therapeutic oils. It’s a wonderful experience, but most of us aren’t going to make it to the spa every day. (Wouldn’t that be wonderful?) There is one thing we can do to enhance our spa day experience at home. In fact, it’s something we can do to give us a 20-minute spa experience every day. We can meditate.

Meditation is not some hippie new age psychobabble. It’s a valid scientifically proven way to enhance your life, relieve stress and relax. Now, isn’t that part of what a spa experience does for you?

Quiet your mind the easy way

The easiest way to quiet your mind is to simply sit in a comfortable chair with your back straight, close your eyes and focus your mind on the breaths you take. At first you’ll hear a lot of mental chatter. Don’t stress over that, simply ignore it and continue to focus on each breath you take. The chatter will soon start to be less and less.

Try this every day and watch what happens. You will become more balanced, less of a stress ball and will be better able to make better decisions. According to the Dalai Lama, “The main purpose of meditation is transformation of mind.”  If you want specific instruction you can visit the following site: http://viewonbuddhism.org/Meditations/dalai_lama_meditation.html

When you first start meditation, you may only be comfortable for a few minutes, but if you practice daily, you will soon be up to 20 minutes a day or longer. Just remember to stay calm and for heaven’s sake don’t worry about “doing it right.”

Quiet your mind with scent

When a scent has an effect on your mind, it is said to be psychotropic. There are scents that have been used in spiritual rituals throughout history due to their psychotropic qualities. Burning incense and diffusing essential oils can help achieve a quiet mind. Frankincense and/or sandalwood are often used as either incense or can be used in a diffuser. Aloeswood or agarwood is extremely expensive and is best purchased as incense.

Regardless of whether you use incense or diffused essential oil, quality does matter. Don’t buy cheap oils or incense or you may not like the results. For instance, when I smell cheap incense, it’s an instant headache for me, but that is not the case when I’m exposed to the fragrance from a quality incense or essential oil.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention, use the incense or diffused oil with care. The scent should not be overpowering. They’re to enhance your meditation experience, not overwhelm you.

The best time to quiet your mind is at the start of the day.

Mornings are the best time to meditate according to the master of meditation, the Dalai Lama. However, any time is better than no time.


In the context of this post, I’m using meditation as an exercise that’s good for your physical and mental well-being. Yes, it has been used for religious and spiritual purposes and rites. However, it is just as good for our divas to use on a daily basis to help them have a quiet mind and cope with their daily stressors. Consider meditation a perfect mini spa experience.

Now go have fun and relax.

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