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Spa Bathroom Décor – Don’t Forget the Flowers

You wake up in the morning and the first place you head is the bathroom. That one room is your first impression of every day and it’s at the heart of your spa day. It’s the room where you enjoy soothing baths. It’s the room where you caress those skin nurturing creams on to your body. It’s the room where many apply makeup. It should also be the room that will give you a little emotional boost every time you enter. That is exactly the reason why, when you consider bathroom décor, you don’t want to forget the flowers.

Nobody knows why, but flowers make us smile and uplift our mood whether we are a man or a woman. According to a study done on how flowers affect us, there are three possible reasons for this; one environmental and two genetic. It might be something we learn. The genetic factors might be instinctual, built into us as result of our ancestors’ association of flowers with food. It could also be the ability of flowers to somehow chemically enhance our mood. If you want to check out the study for yourself you’ll find it here [1].

What color flowers should you use as part of your spa bathroom décor?

If you have white walls with colored accessories, make your flowers either match or possibly complement the colors. For example, if your towels are a royal blue, your flowers may be royal blue or possibly yellow. You might also choose a mix of vibrant colored flowers such as yellow, orange and blue. Have fun with it and regardless of what anyone says, choose the colors of your flowers based on what makes you feel good.

What size bouquet of flowers to use as part of your spa bathroom décor?

Whether you use fresh flowers or silk flowers, the first consideration is the color and size. We’ve already discussed color now let’s

tackle size. If you have a small bathroom, a giant bouquet of sunflowers isn’t going to work. In fact, they might produce an eeek factor as you try to work around them.

Let’s say you’ve chosen the color yellow as your choice, instead of the sunflowers (no matter how much you love sunflowers) you can choose yellow daisies instead. If your bathroom is too small for a full bouquet, you can even use a bud vase designed for a single flower and add a single daisy to it.

What flowers to use as part of your spa bathroom décor?

Fresh flowers are lovely, but they may not always practical. My bathroom has a small window by the counter and I place my African violet there when it’s in bloom. My violet loves it there. If I didn’t have a window, my plant wouldn’t survive and I would have to use fresh cut flowers or silk flowers.

Good quality silk flowers have several advantages over fresh flowers. They’re non allergenic, they don’t make messes and they don’t need care. If I had allergies to flowers, I would definitely go for the silk flowers.

Silk flowers can be purchased as singles or as bouquets. The advantage of purchasing singles is that you can create your own bouquet. I like to do my own creations, but that’s me. You may opt for a lovely bouquet already in a vase and ready to go.


It’s not important what your choice in colors or size of flowers for your spa bathroom décor. It’s not important whether you choose silk flowers, cut flowers or a flowering plant. What is important for your spa bathroom décor is that you don’t forget the flowers.

Now go have fun and relax.

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