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Spa Gift Basket for a Woman

The woman for whom you create a spa gift basket might be a close relative such as a mother or sister, a close friend, or a friendly acquaintance. What you choose to include in the spa gift basket will vary depending on how much you know about the woman and how much you can spend.

If you haven’t read the post, “Spa Gift Basket – It’s Perfect When You Make It Yourself” click here [1] and read it first.

Generic spa gift basket for a woman

For a larger spa gift basket you may want to add:

For a totally elegant spa gift basket add a gift certificate for a massage and a relaxing music CD (for suggestions, click here [7]).

If the woman for whom you are creating the spa gift basket is someone you know well, you may want to add other items to her spa gift basket such as a favorite fragrance or a gift certificate to a her favorite salon to get the pampering she deserves. The options are almost limitless.

Tip: You can also create a super small spa gift basket for a woman who is a very casual acquaintance such as the lady who delivers your mail. These spa gift baskets would include only a couple of items such as a bar of soap and small bottle of hand cream.

In the next post we’ll see an example of a spa gift basket for a man. In the meantime,….

Go have fun and relax.

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