Spa Gift Basket for Men

Imagine being a guy that receives a spa gift basket that contains skin healthy soaps each with a picture of his favorite car, hog, or sexy girl. Imagine that. Imagine his thrill at seeing his favorite snacks poking out the top of his basket. If you create a gift basket for a guy, you can customize it to truly make his day.

If you haven’t done so, be sure and read the article “Spa Gift Basket – It’s Perfect When You Make It Yourself” for helpful information on creating gift baskets that would apply to anyone. This post just covers the items contained in a man’s gift basket.

  • Invigorating after shower body splash. See recipe here
  • Soaps embedded with pictures he will enjoy. See recipe here
  • Monogrammed hand towel and washcloth
  • After shave lotion. See recipe here
  • Pecans, Cashews and peanuts or mixed nuts
  • Buttery caramel popcorn (Poppycock, if you buy from store or you can easily make this yourself).
  • Candy – Fine quality mixed chocolates are usually a hit.
  • Small Travel kit containing nail clippers for his fingernails and toenails.

If you know the guy’s into fishing, a creel makes a good basket. If he attends sporting events, a small cooler can be used for his spa gift basket. For this guy you might want to add a hand warmer to his basket. Go ahead, be creative.

For a larger gift basket, you can add a robe or bath towels – make sure they’re high quality and oh so soft. A gift certificate to get a relaxing massage is another good choice. Hint: If it’s for that significant other, you might want to be the masseuse. If so you will need relaxing massage oil to add to his spa gift basket. To create one of your own check out “The Best Romantic Massage.”

What you add to a spa basket for a guy can be customized according to his likes, dislikes and your relationship to him. Don’t be afraid to be creative. For instance, if you know he likes Limburger cheese, add it to his basket (just make sure you wrap it securely so the odor can’t escape) then add crackers to go with it.

When you personalize his spa gift basket, he will know you’ve put thought and time into his gift and that will make him feel special. And special is that’s a very good way to make anyone feel.

Now go have fun and relax.

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