Your Spa Experience

If you go to a commercial spa or create a spa day at home, tell us all about it.

If you go to a commercial spa, tell us where you go, roughly how much it costs, and why you like that spa. Be sure to include the name of the spa and what city and state it’s located. Keep it to a paragraph or so.

If you create a spa day at home for yourself or have a spa party, tell us what you did and what, if anything, you would change in the future. ,Be sure to include in your comment what city you live in and how far you travel to your favorite spa.

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6 thoughts on “Your Spa Experience

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  2. I always love to do it to my mom and she just loves it. She loves the massage expecilly the most i think! I paint here nails, foot soak her feet and massage them at the same time, I give her a massage with lotion:), I love to also do her make-up,I will do her hair and i will give her a snack and a drink! After i paint her nails i have her put them in front of a fan and they dry quicker! When i am giving her the spa day i will play quite music so it is nice and relaxing! In my room i set my whole spa bissens up! Some times my brothers will help (once in a blue moon). i have also this really comfy chair in my room that works so perfect for a spa day! Me and My mom have so much fun taking turns doing this to each other when we just want to relax! We have some funny times and great experencies! It is a lot of to protend that you have a bissness and your mom comes to it when she just wants to sit! It is so awesome to have a spa day!

  3. My husband and I only had a few hours to spend alone on Valentines Day. So I decided to introduce him to some of my favorite spa activities. First I lit candles and turned on some relaxing music. Then I gave my husband a manicure with a cinnamon soak and then a pedicure with a peppermint soak. Next I gave him a vanilla jojoba oil full body massage. I won’t go into details from there. My husband told me that other than the after massage events, his favorite part of our short spa day was the pedicure. He also said he enjoyed the different aromas. We had a wonderful time and look forward to our next romantic spa adventure.

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