The Best Romantic Massage

A romantic massage is all about the whole happy touchy feely thing that most of us humans like. Think about it, when someone you care about sexually touches you, it’s nice. Very nice. With that in mind, visualize that person gently and lovingly touching your whole body. That, boys and girls, is called a romantic massage. Now, let’s add the fragrance of essential oil to our massage and we have euphoria. Of course, that is if the massage is done the right way.

So, what’s the right technique to use for a romantic massage?

Think sensual. You will want to use long strokes that focus on areas of the body where the muscles tend to be knotted thanks to our overstressed lifestyle. You do not want to use a deep tissue technique such as Shiatsu. That ain’t romantic. Think more like a cross between a gentle Swedish massage and lomi lomi or Kahuna massage. There is a big difference between the two, but you can combine them to make an absolutely awesome romantic massage.

  • Swedish massage – Light stroking always in the direction blood circulates toward the heart, gentle lifting and kneading, light tapping with the sides of the hands or fingers, and gentle vibration.
  • Kahuna massage and lomi lomi are similar in that long sweeping strokes are used. It’s a very active technique for the one giving the massage and may not work well in a home situation. However, a modified version can be used that will work just fine.

How naked do you have to get for a romantic massage?

That question is an easy one for me to answer. It’s entirely up to you. A gentle massage with all your clothes on can be a wonderful relaxing way to say, “I love you.” I don’t recommend using oils for this one for obvious reasons. You can also go for the all clothes off type of massage which can be a prelude to a simply marvelous sexual experience or a restful sleep.

Now let’s talk about using essential oils?

You can create blends of the following oils which are known for their relaxing powers. Blend them at no more than 2% with a carrier oil such as Sweet almond or grapeseed. Though not specifically designed for romance, relaxing scents can set the stage for a very romantic experience. Oh, and don’t forget to accompany the experience with good music. Want some good music ideas? Go here.

  • Ylang ylang – an aphrodisiac
  • Rose – an aphrodisiac
  • Jasmine – an aphrodisiac
  • Lavender – relaxation
  • Sandalwood – relaxation
  • Chamomile – relaxation

I saved the best for last. Here’s a great blend and recipe for a perfect romantic massage.

Make your massage oil two or three days before the planned massage. You will need a brown bottle sufficiently large to hold ¼ cup.

To the bottle add 10 teaspoons (that’s 3 tablespoons + 1 teaspoon) sweet almond oil.

Add these pure essential oils:

  • 2 drops of jasmine
  • 2 drops of rose
  • 2 drops of sandalwood
  • 2 drops of lavender

Cap bottle and mix ingredients by gently shaking.

After 24 hours, uncap bottle and give it the sniff test. If the fragrance is too strong for your taste, add 1 – 1.5 tablespoons more sweet almond oil. Again shake.

How do you use the oil?

Rub a small amount of oil between your hands to warm it before applying to your partner. Some people like to add a few drops directly onto the skin of their partner first. It doesn’t matter much which method you use. However, the goal here is not to use so much oil that you create an oil slick, but enough so that your hands glide smoothly over your partner’s skin.

Now go have fun and relax.

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