The Perfect Doggie Rinse for Spa Day

Once you’ve got your dog nice and clean, it’s a good idea to rinse him or her with a soothing rinse. I’ve included two recipes. One is for a chamomile tea after shampoo rinse and the other is for a colloidal oatmeal rinse. Both will give you that perfect doggie rinse to keep skin and fur feeling good to you and your dog. The tea recipe can also be used as a between washing sprits to keep that family member smelling fresh. To keep your dog smelling fresh between washings, you can sprits with a soothing peppermint or chamomile tea rinse.

Perfect doggie rinse # 1 – Chamomile tea

Step 1 – Pour 2 cups boiling water over 2 teabags of chamomile or peppermint tea and steep for 15 minutes.

Step 2 – After tea has thoroughly cooled add 1 Tbsp of organic cider vinegar and 3 drops of glycerin (optional).

Step 3 – Dilute your solution with 2 cups of water.

After bathing your dog, massage the rinse through his or her fur. There is no need to rinse solution. If you want to use this tea as a between bath sprits, don’t dilute the 2 cups of chamomile or peppermint tea. Simply place it in a spray bottle for those between bath fresheners. When the time comes to use it, spray lightly over your dog’s fur as you brush him or her. It will help reduce itchiness and will keep his or her fur soft and fresh smelling.

Perfect doggie rinse #2 – Colloidal oatmeal

It doesn’t get much simpler than this. You need 2 Tbsp Aveeno colloidal oatmeal (you can purchase this at your pharmacy) or you can make it yourself by putting raw uncooked oats into a grinder or blender. A coffee grinder works well for this. Grind the oats until they have the consistency of flour. Add the colloidal oatmeal to 1 gallon of warm water.

After shampooing and rinsing your dog thoroughly, massage the rinse thoroughly through the fur. Do not rinse. Afterward, dry your dog well with a towel.

There, now you have it. All that’s left is to give your dog a special treat to cap off a perfect doggie spa day. He may not appreciate his bath, but he’s sure to be delighted with how it ends.

Now go have fun and relax.

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  1. We made your dog shampoo recipe with colloidal oatmeal to it and bathed our dog with it yesterday. No wet dog smell! As far as the oatmeal rinse, do you pour the whole gallon of oatmeal water over the dog or just part of it? Thanks for the great recipes!

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