The Perfect Spa Snack – Goji Berries

When it’s snack time our goddesses are demanding. They want to nibble on treats worthy a goddess with discerning taste buds. They also want their snacks to be healthy. This can be a tall order, but goji berries fill it to a tee.

Goji berries (Lycium barbarum) are super high in antioxidants vitamins and minerals.  Studies have shown them to have anti-cancer properties.  They are also rich in zeaxanthin, a carotenoid alcohol that protects the retina and may decrease the risk of age-related macular degeneration.

If you purchase goji berries, make certain they are Lycium barbarum that come from high in the Himalayas. What you will usually find sold is a closely related species L. chinense commonly known as the wolfberry. Wolfberry, grown in China, is commercially produced. Pesticides are used in growing the plants and sulfites are used in processing it.

Tibetan L barbarum is superior to L chinense in that it is picked from wild plants and contains no preservatives. Now that’s something deserving the attention of a goddess like you.

You can find dried goji berry snacks at your local health food stores, stores that sell natural foods and online. Just be sure they are wild harvested. I’ve tried the plain raw dried berries and enjoy them immensely. However, I’m particularly fond of the milk chocolate coated goji berries, but it’s kind of a toss up between those and the dark chocolate coated. I mix the dried berries with walnuts to get my daily dose of omega 3 fatty acid.

I don’t buy the juice from anyone because it’s expensive and studies on juices have shown that the whole fruit is better for you.

Grow your own goji berries

For those of you who like to garden, why not grow your own goji berries. By the way, if you grow the plants, you can also use the leaves in your salads. I don’t know how they taste yet, but I plan on finding out. I’m going to buy some plants this year and give it a try. From what I’ve read, it takes two to three years to get berries by growing from seed. Because I’m not that patient, I’m going to purchase cultivars instead of seed.

If you decide to give it a try, I understand goji berry plants will grow most anywhere from zone 4 to zone 9. The only real problem, as I understand it, is that the local critters such as deer and birds also like goji berry plants. They eat the leaves as well as the berries. I will probably have to have a serious discussion with my local wildlife about pilfering my plants, particularly the small herd of deer that wander through my backyard to munch on my roses.

I think goji berries are the perfect spa day snack. While you’re waiting for your face mask to dry or after a luxurious bath, you snack on giji berries and a cup of white tea with honey. Your body will love you and so will your taste buds. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Now go have fun and relax.

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