What Are Your Best Spa Day Snack Ideas?

This post is a request. Lori and I want to know what you consider the best snacks for a spa day. There are no rules except they must taste delicious and be easy to make. We know that one person’s opinion of the best snack might be totally different from someone else. We here at Spa From Scratch know what we like, but there’s a whole world of goddesses out there that have ideas that we haven’t even thought of trying. We want to hear from you.

The best snack can vary from spa day to spa day and what follows are the snacks we particularly enjoy. Add your ideas to the comment section below and we’ll add them to the list of best snacks which we will post later.

Our picks for the best and easiest spa day snack

  • Sliced yambean (jicama) – This is a crunchy root vegetable. It’s usually very sweet and tasty. It can be hard to peel and slice. Older jicamas lose their sweetness.

  • Yogurt with fruit and honey added – Sometimes I buy the ready made yogurts, but I usually buy plain yogurt and add honey and fruit. I sometimes add just one fruit and at other times prepare a medley using such strawberries, blueberries, mandarin oranges or raspberries.
  • French vanilla ice cream – (I buy Breyers ice cream because it tastes closest to homemade) with pineapple and chocolate topping. Yum!
  • Baby carrots – no peeling, no fuss I just rinse and enjoy
  • Peanut butter filled celery – I always use peanut butter that is sugar-free like Adams peanut butter. Not because I don’t like sugar, I just don’t like it in peanut butter. You can usually tell which peanut butter doesn’t contain sugar because the oil separates from the ground nuts. That’s a bit of a pain because I have to mix it, but for me, it’s worth the effort.
  • Cream cheese filled celery – This is one of my all time favorites
  • Whole wheat crackers with Swiss cheese – Sometimes I will add thinly sliced deli ham.
  • Brookside dark chocolate Acai with blueberry – I love these and they are loaded with flavanol antioxidants. That’s how I justify the high calories.
  • Buttered popcorn – I like real butter versus the fake stuff so I usually buy plain popcorn and add my own butter.
  • Smoothies – I almost forgot these, but they’re a summertime favorite. Thank God for a good blender. I buy frozen fruit from Costco and usually add honey to sweeten things up. I think a smoothie is the best snack for a hot summer day.
  • Ghirardelli milk chocolate squares – sometimes I buy plain and at other times I buy the caramel filled. This is a true feel good snack. Definitely not low calorie snack.
  • Strawberries and chocolate – I melt the chocolate and dip fresh strawberries. This is a great snack for spa parties.
  • Shrimp – Shrimp with cocktail sauce is a classic healthy snack for any occasion.

Okay, now it’s your turn. What is the best snack on your list?

Now go have fun and relax.

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