It’s Good to be Different

What Makes You Different Makes You Beautiful (Backstreet Boys)

We all know what makes you alike other people. You probably have two eyes, two ears, one nose, one head, two arms, two legs and gender appropriate genitalia. Yet you are different. You don’t feel like you’re exactly the same as the other people on this planet. So, what makes you different?

The nature effect

Genetics definitely plays a role not only in your physical attributes, but also basic emotional responses to the environment in which you live. Scientists originally thought that emotional traits were all a result of nurture versus nature, but one early experiment with newborn babies brought this theory into question. In the experiment, all babies were still in the hospital where they were born. Half the babies were Caucasian and half were of Asian descent. In the experiment a light receiving blanket was placed over the babies’ faces. The majority of Caucasian babies fussed and kicked until the blankets were off their faces. On the other hand, the majority of Asian babies passively allowed the blankets to remain over their faces.

Other less sophisticated evidence also exists for the nature versus nurture theory of certain traits. For instance, there is the trait of food likes and dislikes. Consider the baby that forcefully ejects a certain food onto the shirt or blouse of a mom or dad trying to feed it to him. How can it be that the food is disliked despite all other members of the family liking it? (For me it was peas. My mom and dad loved peas, but when I was a baby and they tried to feed peas to me, they wore them. I still don’t like them regardless of how they’re camouflaged.)

The nurture effect

Nurture also plays a significant role in determining who you are and what makes you different. Your parents, teachers, siblings, peers and friends all help you form attitudes and habits. Other influences include, what you hear on the radio, see at the movies and on TV and what you read. Your experiences are not exactly the same as anyone else so it stands to reason that your experiences are enormous factors in what makes you different. There’s a wonderful side to this knowledge. If you don’t love yourself, you can change by changing your input. For example, if your peers aren’t people you admire, you can hang with different people. If it’s someone from whom you cannot escape such as a boss who puts you down, you can counter that influence by associating with supportive friends until you find a batter job. A new you with new influences will add a new and positive parameter to what makes you different.

As you can see, both nature and nurture influence what makes you different. They are the reasons why you may find a spa day at home a perfect approach to relaxing a tired body and mind while someone else needs a walk in the woods. Maybe you like a floral scent, but your friend likes a woodsy scent. Maybe you have dry skin and someone else has oily skin. It doesn’t matter, we here at SpaFromScratch know you’re a diva who deserves to have a happy relaxing life. That’s exactly why we offer so many ways to relax, feel good and have fun. Our philosophy is life would be a total bore if you weren’t different. Maybe it isn’t really nature versus nurture after all. Maybe it’s the anti-boredom gods at work. Maybe they’re really responsible for what makes you different. Whatever is responsible for what makes you different, we say, “viva la difference!!”

Now go have fun and relax.

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