Homemade Spa Day

A homemade spa day is a perfect way to pull back from the day to day stresses that drive many of us to seek relief from drug therapies and psychologists. A homemade spa day connects your mind and body in a delightful symphony of calming fragrances, soothing sounds, relaxation, and beauty. This allows you to regroup, gather yourself and think more clearly. Think of this special day as a much-needed therapy that will enable you to move forward with a clear mind and relaxed body.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional who is battling issues at work or a homemaker dealing with the difficult and often hair-raising task of raising children. A homemade spa day can be customized to fit your specific situation.

Keep in mind that when we speak of a homemade spa day, we don’t mean you have to spend a dawn to dark day refreshing your body and soul, it can be as short as a couple of good quality hours. However, there are key elements of this precious time that should always be present. Read on and you will discover what they are.

Of course, you can always opt to visit a commercial day spa. However, you have to drive or take public transportation to the spa and possibly spend a significant amount of money once there. But, most importantly, a day spa can’t offer the time alone that can be so tremendously therapeutic.

Prepare for the day

Pick a day. If you work outside the home, it may be one of your days off or a day you choose to take off. If you are a homemaker or have a home based business, you can select any day that is most convenient.

If you have children, work a trade with a friend. If you have pets, make sure they don’t disturb you. If your pet is used to constant attention, take him/her to a kitty or doggie day care or ask a friend to take your pet for the time you have chosen for spa day.

Obstacles that you may encounter include a spouse or significant other that operates a business in your home or is retired and home all day. An even more difficult situation occurs if you are a caregiver for someone that is ill or disabled. You have two options. Remove the obstacle or remove yourself from the obstacle.

If you are living with someone who is home all day, discuss what you would like to do and gently ask them to spend their time elsewhere for your homemade spa day. (This can be good for both of you.) If this isn’t possible, get yourself an inexpensive hotel room for the day or borrow the home of a friend who works outside the home. If you are a caregiver, chances are you will need to spend your day elsewhere. In fact, if you are a caregiver you NEED to get out and go somewhere else.

Setting up the area in your home or apartment

Your homemade spa day can be as lavish or as simple as you wish it to be. It’s up to you, but it’s important to set the stage properly for all your five senses.

What should you see?

What you see affects your mood. You want to have a relaxing atmosphere free of clutter. So, if you tend to be a clutter bug, at least load the clutter into boxes and move it into a room into which you won’t be going.

If you like flowers, consider placing a bouquet on a table where you may be sitting or on the bathroom vanity. Flowers can be for both something beautiful to look at and their fragrance.

What should you smell?

Get rid of anything that might make your spa space malodorous. Empty the garbage cans, clean the cat box, and if possible, air out your home or apartment.

Purchase some scented candles or an oil burner to fill the air with the scent of your favorite essential oil. Another idea that’s almost free is to create a potpourri to simmer on the stove.

What should you hear?

You should not hear a single phone call. Turn off your phones (don’t forget your cell phone). Try and block out other annoying sounds such as yapping dogs, sirens, and traffic noise. This can be a trick for those of you living in the city, forcing you to close windows and draw drapes that you might otherwise choose to leave open. You just have to do your best.

Arrange for what you hear on your homemade spa day to be what’s most relaxing to you. That might be complete silence, soft music, or a sounds-of-nature CD.

What should you taste?

Select beverages that are both healthy and flavorful. Two favorites are smoothies and herbal teas. You may be the type of person who totally relaxes over a cup of hot chocolate or glass of hot milk. Whatever you choose, make sure you have it on hand for your day.

We recommend that your selection for food be a lighter fare. You don’t want to end up with that overstuffed bloated feeling that often comes after a heavy meal. Whatever you choose, make it a food that you thoroughly enjoy. However, your meal should not consist of a giant chocolate bar no matter how much you might enjoy it. However, a small piece of chocolate makes a great dessert.

What should your touching experience be?

Totally relaxing and enjoyable tactile experiences are important to your personal day spa experience. Generally soft and fluffy provide the best experiences. Your bathrobe and towels need to meet these criteria. Creamy can also be an exquisite feeling that you will experience when you apply creams and lotions to your skin and these products will give your skin that luxurious feminine softness that it deserves.

The key elements your homemade spa day must contain regardless of how much time and money you can afford:

  • It must be a relaxing time
  • It must be aesthetically pleasing to your five senses

How to plan your homemade spa day:

What follows are the stories of five women and how they structure their spa days. For ideas on how you might want to organize your own homemade spa day click on the story that best matches your lifestyle.

  • If you are a single woman who lives alone, click here to see how Linda structured her homemade spa day.
  • If you are a married homemaker or work outside the home, you have children and you are short on money, click here to see how Mary structured her homemade spa day.
  • If you are a married homemaker or work outside the home, have children and make a good living, click here to see how Patricia structured her homemade spa day.
  • If you are single or a married stay-at-home caregiver to small children or an adult, click here to see how Elizabeth structured her homemade spa day.
  • If you are a single working mom with one or more school-age children, click here to see how Barbara structured her homemade spa day.

Now go have fun and relax.

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  1. i am only 13, but me and my cousin tried a few things for fun, and it was like we were actually at a spa!!!! thanks for the fun!!!!

    1. Young goddess

      So very glad you had fun. Keep us posted on what you’re up to. We love to hear from you because we love you.

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