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A Special Gift for Dad This Father’s Day

Father's Day

Instead of a new tool or tie, why not treat Dad to his own special customized spa day complete with back massage, foot massage and his favorite food and beverage. Depending on how you do it, this Father’s Day can not only economical, but one of the most memorable Father’s Days of his life.

This is going to be a rather unique spa day. The reason for this is that this is a Father’s Day spa day and so it revolves exclusively around what Dad enjoys. In other words you take what he enjoys and add the spa elements to it. For example, rather than soft music and candles there may well be the sounds of crowds cheering as dad watches a game on TV. Only this time his feet are enjoying a soothing foot bath.

The foot bath

Use a sea salt or Epsom salts for his foot bath plus a fragrance he will enjoy. A few drops of Cypress essential oil should do the trick. Peppermint is also a good choice particularly if his feet tend to be a little aromatic. The Perfect Foot Bath has a great recipe using peppermint.

After his feet have soaked for 15 minutes or so, dry them and then give him a foot massage. If done right, you will see the stressors of his day melt away. If you have a kid old enough, this is a fabulous way for the kid to show his or her love for Dad. A younger child can help by carrying drinks or goodies for dad to enjoy during the foot treatment. If you’re unsure how to give a good foot massage, you can look online or just go to Foot Massage and Foot Reflexology Benefits right here on For clues as to what oils to use check out Foot Massage Oil Recipe. Whatever oil you use, make sure it doesn’t leave his feet oily. A fall isn’t the kind of experience you want him to remember.

It goes without saying that Dad should be served his favorite food for dinner on Father’s Day. If you have kids, allow them to help prepare it. Yes, it may well take more time that way, but hey, he is their dad.

Later, after the kids are in bed, you can give him a special intimate massage. This might be just a back massage or a whole body massage. There are some great You Tube videos demonstrating how the pros do a massage, also check out our The Best Romantic Massage. This special Father’s Day massage may lead him straight to dreamland or something far more sensual. Either way, he’s going to feel like he’s in paradise.

If the Dad you are honoring is not your significant other, but really your dad, you will need to amend the process somewhat from what is outlined above. Your dad might think you’ve gone really weird on him if you offer him a full nude body massage at bedtime. However, that doesn’t keep you from giving him an awesome back massage, relaxing foot massage and serving him his favorite snacks.

The whole point here is that you can give a Father’s Day gift to your Dad or significant other that will have way more meaning than any store bought gift. Remember, there is magic in your touch. Maybe I should write a post titled “The Magic of Touch.” What do you think?

Now go have fun and relax.

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