Aloe Vera Gel for Hair

Is aloe vera gel for hair really a good hair treatment? Based on my research, using aloe vera gel for hair has many amazing benefits. Not only will it keep hair healthy and beautiful, it’s also completely safe and natural.

Aloe vera gel can be purchased alone or as a component in the shampoos and rinses you buy. If you’re going to truly test aloe vera gel for hair, use it as a stand alone product. The best test is going to come by using a food grade aloe vera gel since it has the fewest additives. The other alternative is to grow your own aloe Vera and extract the juice yourself.

Aloe vera gel benefits for hair

Amara Organics Aloe Vera Gel from Organic Cold Pressed Aloe, 8 fl. oz.Amara Organics Aloe Vera Gel from Organic Cold Pressed Aloe, 8 fl. oz.

  • Reduces dandruff: relieves sore, itchy and flaky scalp
  • Nourishes and moisturizes: moisturizes and protects both the hair and scalp leaving it soft and shiny
  • Promotes hair growth: stimulates growth of new and existing hair
  • Prevents hair loss: slows and in some cases prevents hair loss

How to use

You can use aloe vera gel as a hair gel to hold your hair in place. You can also add it directly to your scalp. Aloe vera gel is known for helping your hair grow, make your hair shiny and treat scalp conditions such as dandruff.

The other way you can use aloe vera gel for hair is to mix it with your regular rinse and or shampoo. You can also use it as a hair treatment. One hair treatment that’s popular right now is created by mixing 1 part aloe Vera gel and 1 part honey to 4 parts conditioner. Microwave the mixture a few seconds to make it warm then apply to wet or dry hair making sure the ends are well treated. Cover hair with a shower cap or plastic wrap and let it sit for a minimum of 30 minutes up to overnight then rinse hair in warm water (do not shampoo).

What others say about aloe vera gel for hair

Most people that used aloe vera gel for hair were happy with the results and some were euphoric. However, there were a few that said it didn’t do much for their hair. A couple said they didn’t like the smell (that may have been an issue with the brand of aloe vera gel they

purchased). There were also a couple that said it seemed to cause them to shed and discontinued use. From a biological perspective, I don’t understand how aloe vera gel would cause shedding unless it had something to do with other ingredients they were using along with the aloe vera.

I have done extensive research into the science behind aloe vera benefits when used on the skin and taken internally. Lori and I both use aloe vera gel. However, neither Lori nor I have used aloe vera gel for hair, but we’re going to give it a try and we’ll report back here on the results. If you’ve used aloe vera gel for your hair, tell us about your experience.

My conclusion is that Nature outdid herself when she created aloe vera. It’s amazing!

Now go have fun and relax.

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174 thoughts on “Aloe Vera Gel for Hair

  1. just a normal procedure.they gave me sum homeopathy medicines and they did laser once a month.Also i would like to mention that its not a hereditary problem. i want thick and long hair so plzz help me by suggesting valuable remedies.

    1. Hi,

      You’ve asked for help without giving me any information about you other than you are losing your hair. I don’t know where you live, how old you are, your medical history, your lifestyle, what medications you are using. So, I can only give you general information.

      Here’s what I would do if I were you:

      1. I would go to a regular doctor and have a complete exam with the appropriate blood work. A doctor can determine if you have a medical condition that is causing your hair loss.

      2. I would do everything I could to eliminate or reduce stress. Seven minutes of meditation a day can help. Stress has been identified as a factor in hair loss.

      3. I would eat foods that nourish my body and eliminate those that don’t. Web MD offers these suggestions: walnuts, blueberries, oysters, sweet potatoes, eggs, lentils, salmon, spinach, Greek yogurt and poultry. These foods are high in zinc and omega 3 fatty acids. Malnutrition can lead to hair loss.

      4. I would eliminate as many toxins as possible from my diet including any drugs or alcohol I might be consuming. Some medications and recreational drugs have been associated with hair loss.

      5. I would get plenty of exercise and drink plenty of water to help my body detox. I would add brown rice, green tea and seaweed to my diet for the same purpose. Heavy metals and other toxic substances are associated with hair loss.

      Most people are not motivated enough to follow this course of action. They’re looking for the magic pill to instantly fix the problem or magic oil that will fix the problem. Unfortunately, there is no magic pill or oil. Hair grows from cells, when cells are unhealthy, hair loss can be the result. Healthy cells demand a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle includes eating healthy foods and drinking healthy beverages, exercise and thinking healthy thoughts. Your body works hard to repair itself, but when it is overwhelmed by the damage inflicted on it, it gives you warning signs. Hair loss is just one of many warning signs.

      If you opt for a healthy lifestyle, you will need patience. Don’t expect instant results. It will take time for your body to heal.

      I love you,

      Mama Vic

      1. Thanx for d information:-)
        My name is Priya nd I m 26 yrs old nd i stay in kolkata. And yeah thr is iron deficiency in my body. I regularly do exercise in d mornin and I have fruits daily. Rite nw m nt takin any medicine for hair. I knw thr is no magic oil nd I dont want instant solution I want an effective solution.

  2. Hello,
    Thanx for ur reply . Yes I consulted dr. Batra fr a year bt it was of no use. Actually due to use of hair spray in parlours at d tym f my marriage d condition of my hair gt worst. Can u suggest sum other better remedy apart from this .

    1. Hi Guest,

      Unless you are one of the rare individuals who have an allergy to aloe vera, you can apply it directly to your skin or hair.

  3. hello,
    My hair is very very thin infact scalp isshown easily. i started using aloe vera gel (extract at home) and i leave it overnight and then i rinse it in the morning using beer shampoo. so, please tell me is it correct to leave overnight and using beer shampoo on it then?? plz reply

    1. Hi there Guest,

      It probably isn’t going to hurt to follow the procedure, however the bigger question you should be asking is why. Why is your hair so thin. Be sure and read All About Hair. You should also be talking to your doctor if you haven’t done so already.

      We love you,


    1. Hello Guest,

      You do not want the rind (outer leaf) in your juice or you could end up with an unpleasant case of the diarrhea. The only part you use is the inner leaf jelly like stuff.

      Have fun

  4. i want to share my testimony on how i gain my nature hair back in just three weeks: i had very thick curly hair.i straightened my hair 2 yr ago.they after some time started 2 fall out.i also having dandruff problem all d time, before i used shampoo called antidruf containing ketoconazole and tugain 2%(minoxidil) have stopped using chemical one year ago.but still i am loosing a lots of hair everyday and my hair has become so thin. when a friend of my visit me and i explain how i lose my hair every day, she told me she was having the same problem 3 months ago and he contacted DR OPINGO online, i please with grace and she gave me DR OPINGO email, i email him immediately and explain about my hair to him, he told me not to worry that he is going to help me out.After DR OPINGO have prepared the spell cream i use for good three weeks my hair grow fast and was very thick, all my girl friends love and cherish my hair thank you DR you can contact his email at: ( his cream will make your hair grow fast and thicker.

    1. Hello Guest,

      Not to cast dispersions on your testimony, but we love the gods and goddesses that come to SpaFromScratch. Therefore, we work very hard to give them reliable information.

      On reading your comment I decided to do a little detective work. I could find nothing about Dr Opingo’s miracle cream online. However, I did find this same testimony on a number of other sites discussing hair and hair loss. To be fair, I opted not to contact him by email to avoid data mining our email address (we’re already swamped with spam).

      My recommendation is that readers of this comment proceed with extreme caution. This may be simply a means to get your email address. If a product is actually sold, by Dr Opingo, check the ingredients carefully before you buy it.

  5. Hey… Thnk u fr replying !!

    I m not taking any medication .. A year bck i got my hairs rebonded fr 8 to 9 mnths ! …….and after dat m losing cntrol ovr my hairs.. Goshhh dey are soo thin now …my single strand is very thin .. They can b easily plucked..this is d situation They are of shoulder length ! Basically the growth of my hairs are too slow like dey take six months to grow 3 inches only 🙁 m so worried i dont knw dey ll grow n will reach my bck or not 🙁

    Helppp me 🙁 plzzzzz 🙁


    1. Sounds like the rebonding is the problem. The chemicals used in this process are among the harshest and most damaging you can use on your hair.

      Many people have similar complaints after they have rebonded, sometimes with dire consequences. This is just one more reason to keep toxic chemicals off and out of your body. You are already beautiful just like you are.

      Hair is basically dead stuff, the real worry is if you have damaged the cells responsible for growing hair. If only the hair is damaged, using good practices in caring for it will take care of the problem. Those include using mild shampoos, high quality rinses and allowing your hair to air dry after you shampoo. (If you must use a hair dryer, use a low setting and hold it 6 inches away.) Also, avoid anything that may do further damage to your hair such as curling irons.

      If the rebonding has damaged the cells that grow hair you have a bigger problem which you must attack at the cellular level. There are a number of things you can do.

      1. Increase your consumption of foods containing biotin and niacin such as peanuts, berries, chicken eggs and Swiss chard. You might also want to consider taking a B vitamin supplement.

      2. Mix 4 to six drops of Clary sage, thyme, rosemary and lavender in a good carrier oil such as jojoba. Wet your hair and massage the oil into your scalp and let it remain for at least 30 minutes or overnight. Afterwards shampoo. Before using essential oils, make sure you do a patch test for sensitivity.

      3. Massage your scalp when you shampoo to increase blood flow to the follicles.

      4. Make sure you get plenty of exercise and sleep. Lead a healthy lifestyle and all those little cells that make up your body will say thank you.

      5. Get a handle on stressing over your hair as that will only make things worse. Being proactive really helps because you know you’re taking care of the problem.

      Note: It’s advisable to see your physician before taking supplements or launching into a vigorous exercise program.

      I hope this helps you get that mane looking good again.

      We love you,


  6. My hairs are so damaged i don’t have any idea what to do with dem !
    They are so thin + too week and the growth is tooooo slow can u help on dat plzzzzzzzz …. As i am realy worried for my hairs

    Thank uu so much 🙂

    1. Hello there,

      When you’re having problem with your hair such as thinning, breaking or falling out, you have to play detective by asking yourself these questions:

      What chemicals am I using on my hair that may damage it?
      What about my lifestyle may be causing the problem?
      Am I using any medications or drugs that may be the cause?
      Do I physically have any other symptoms besides the problems with my hair? If so, I know I should see a physician.

      You have not given us enough information to offer suggestions other than to suggest you try a hot oil treatment for dryness. However, If you don’t figure out the cause and make the necessary changes, this solution will be temporary at best.

      We hope you report back to us again with more information so we are better able to offer more reliable solutions.

      Love you,


  7. Do I have to rinse my hair out if I leave the aloe vera plant gel in my hair? I( I do no want to rinse but I don’t no if its the best thing to do ) this is my first time

    1. Hello there,

      It will do no harm to leave the aloe vera gel in your hair. However, keep in mind that some folks use it as a gel to create that spiky look. If you find that your hair feels a little on the stiff side, you can add a little oil such as jojoba.

      Be sure and report your experience back here so the whole SpaFromScratch community can benefit from your experience.

      Your friend,


    1. Hi Friend,

      Aloe vera primarily works to make hair healthier at the cellular level. In other words, at the scalp. It may also help to keep your hair moisturized.

      Good luck,


  8. hi sir,,,i want to use aloe vera before shampooing and aftr shampooing is good r not because i am getting lost my hairs hevaily .so,am tryig to get regrowth my hairs with broad,thick and long is it possible by using aloe vera gel to the hairs by getting best result. til nw i nwvr used any conditioners fr my hairs nw i hve to use this aloe vera gel as a conditioning purpose..please reply me as soon as possible

    1. Hello friend,

      I’m sorry you’re having problems.

      Use the aloe vera after you shampoo.

      An abnormal loss of hair can be caused from a variety of conditions. Be sure and read the other posts related to hair health. You will find them listed below the above post.

      If the hair loss is due to some conditions, aloe vera can definitely help. However, there are causes of hair loss that aloe vera will not help.

      Your friend,


    1. Health food store and some grocery stores. You can also purchase it online. Be sure and get the gel with minimum or no additives.

  9. This article is very helpful…I am suffering from itchy , flaky scalp and hair fall … This problems recurs during winter… Yesterday I bought pure aloe juice with lemon from a health store.. How much time can I leave it on my scalp… Should I rinse it out after sometime… Should I shampoo it out or just rinse it with water?

    1. Hello there,

      I’m a little concerned about the drying effects of the lemon in the aloe vera juice. I would advise purchasing plain aloe vera gel with nothing added. Most gals leave it on for a few hours or overnight then shampoo and rinse with good quality products designed for dry hair.

      For many, winter is a time when skin and hair tends to dry. You may want to consider also using a good conditioning treatment. For some ideas, check out “Easy Homemade Conditioner.”

  10. I like this article very much. I am trying out an aloe gel (made from leaves plucked from my garden, rosemary oil, lavender oil, olive oil treatment. I mixed all ingredients in a glass jar, shake shake, and applied the mixture to my hair (let it stay in for approx 6 hours as I had a lot of work to do in the house) and washed it out. I am African with my hair straightened (permed) so let me see how it goes. I am tired of my itchy flakey scalp.

    1. Hi there friend,

      How cool is that? We like to hear our gods and goddesses tell us they have their own gardens. It makes our hearts sing.

      Be sure and report back to us with your recipe.

  11. Im looking for Aloe Vera hair gel but cant find any….Think of any Websites or know of any that you could recommend?

    Btw, Im looking for styling gel that won’t harm my hair nor dry it. but just to use like if it was any other hair gel. Please help

    1. Type “Aloe vera hair gel” into Google and you’ll find a number of suppliers. I have no recommend since I don’t use a styling gel on my hair. Be aware, you may find styling gels made with Aloe vera drying to your hair if your hair has high porosity and or you are in an area with low humidity.

      Be sure and report back here on which gel you find best.

  12. Is mixing aloe vera juice with lavender water as a spray drying over time? I thought this was a good mix but hair will at first like the spray but I notice my hair is getting so dry by day two -three. It is the winter months now so not sure if the cold winter is to blame or this spray. Ugh!

    1. Sorry you’re having problems. There can be a number of reasons for this. Winter months are notorious for drying out skin and hair. Lower humidity in heated homes result in skin and hair losing more moisture than it absorbs.

      In addition, A. vera juice consists mostly of water. The hardness of the water used in making the juice in addition to the calcium in the Aloe vera is probably left on your hair after you spray a few times. This builds up and can make your hair feel dry and brittle.

      The therapeutic aspects of Aloe vera can vary greatly depending on when it is harvested, how soon it is processed after harvest and from where it is grown. Also, Aloe vera must be stabilized properly or the therapeutic properties destabilize. In other words, the quality of the A. vera you are using may be a factor.

      Finally, the porosity of your hair may also be a factor. To read about that, check out our other posts such as “All about Hair” and “Hair Porosity – What You Need to Know“. Aloe vera can draw water out of your hair in low humidity particularly if you have high hair porosity.

      The lavender oil is probably not causing the drying effect you are experiencing, but it’s important to remember that the benefits such as hair growth stem from the scalp where living cells exist. The hair you see is dead stuff. It can be beautiful dead stuff, but it’s still dead.

  13. Hi! I wanted to see if I can use Aloe Vera Juice spray (just some Aloe vera juice with water and rosemary oil) everyday on my hair? I have dread locks (7 years now)and here lately I am begining to have thin areas at the top of my head and around the edges. I also have just started the apple cider vingar rinse after I wash my hair twice a month. Is this a good regimin to regrow my hair and to eliminate the thin areas??
    thank you

    1. Hi wonderful guest,

      The aloe vera and Rosemary may help depending on the cause of the thinning. The way you describe the problem almost sounds like genetics are at play. Do your blood relatives have similar thinning problems?

      It’s important to determine the cause of your hair loss as that will have an effect on what treatment, if any, will be best. In our post “All About Hair” we’ve listed the most common causes, of hair loss, but not all of them. If you can’t determine the cause of your thinning hair, check with your physician to rule out any underlying medical issues.

      Hope this helps.

    1. It would be better to shampoo your hair first then treat with the aloe vera. Leave the aloe vera on your hair for the 15 minutes then rinse. You can also add it to your regular rinse.

      Have a wonderful holiday.

  14. Hi, I bought Sukin Aloe Vera Gel which has the following ingredients -Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Alchohol & Hydroxethylcellulose. What are your thoughts on it please? I was thinking to use it as a hair moisturizer. Is that a good idea?

    1. Hi there,

      I would be concerned with using any product on my hair that contained alcohol, particularly as a moisturizer.

      Anyway, that’s my thought.

      Your friend,


  15. I have the plants at home and mix the gel with pure cocunut oil. I left it in overnight with no problems. I shampoo hair the next day. I will continue this treatment for a while. I also focus on my edges with this gel.

    1. hello sir,if we use aloe vera gel as a conditioning for hairs after shampooing and leave it for the day can u pls reply me as soon as possible……..

  16. Hello sir i think you can help me. I’m suffering from heavy hair loss. I have just started to apply aloe vera gel on my bald area. I am applying it for past 3 days but all these days when I applied gel directly from plant I notice that there is extra fall of hair while I applied on my scalp. Much hair sticks on my hands. Is this happening because i have just started or there may be other reasons?? Tell me weather I should Continue or discontinue.

    1. It’s doubtful the aloe vera gel is causing you to lose hair. More importantly, why is your hair falling out?

      I suggest you read This posts explains the most common causes of hair loss. I would also suggest you see a physician as there are some medical reasons for hair loss. If you don’t know what’s causing a problem it’s almost impossible to figure out the best treatment

      Be sure and get back to us on how you’re doing. We really care a lot.


    1. Some, note I said SOME, hair gels contain alcohol which can dry hair and cause damage. Some gels form a dulling coating on the hair shaft that is hard to remove.

      If the gel is drying your hair, aloe vera will definitely help. However, you should also stop using a gel containing alcohol.

      If your hair is dull, aloe vera will not help. You need to use a clarifying shampoo to remove the gel residue.

      Hope this answers your question.

  17. I have very thin hair specially in the centre of the scalp it looks like bald.And it looks like burned hair.Can aloe vera do something for me.

    1. Hello,

      Aloe vera is a wonderful healing plant, however it can’t help if the problem is caused by hormonal or other medical conditions that may be responsible for hair loss.

      I strongly suggest you see your physician and find out what’s going on that is causing your hair to thin.

      Be sure and read the other posts on the general topic of hair, particularly “All about Hair.”

  18. I’m suffering from heavy hair loss and my hair is dull. A friend of mine has suggested me to use this aloe vera. I apply it directly from the plant and keepit for one whole day. Does this help to imrove my hair growth and give the good shine to my hair as before? I keep the gel applied for one whole day, is it okay or harmful? please suggest me the best way I can use.

    1. Hello beautiful goddess,

      So sorry you are having problems with your hair.

      In answer to your question, aloe vera will cause no harm providing you are not sensitive to it. To ease your mind, very few people are allergic to aloe vera.

      There are a number of things that might be causing your problems. Some of which are systemic such as a malfunctioning thyroid. For this reason, I strongly suggest you pay a visit to your physician. Let him or her rule out an underlying medical problem. When you do, be sure and tell your physician about any medications you are taking including supplements such as vitamins. Also, try and remember when the problem began. What were you doing? What was going on in your life at the time.

      You might also want to read the following helpful posts:

      All About Hair
      Healthy Hair Tips

      Good luck and be sure and tell us how things work out for you.

      Your friend,


  19. At which store could I buy natural aloe Vera hat gel because I used to use axe ad my hair is starting to get ruined. And I don’t want to buy online.

    1. Hello there friend,

      I don’t know what aloe vera “hat” gel is exactly. Are you referring to a hard gel to hold your hair?

  20. i palnted aloe vera plantb in my garden … i want to increase my hair growth and also thick in size.. so, what can i do? with tthis plant please give me answer

    1. Thank you for your question,

      You will use the inner portion of the leaf which consists of the gel and juice. There are several ways to extract the gel from the leaf. The simplest is to cut the leaf open and extract with a spoon or butter knife.

  21. can i use the alveo vera gel directly from the plant…whch part of the plant should i use near the roots?how much time should i leave it for??and then i have to wash it with any shampoo?one of my friend uses it n she said to mix aleo vera get in the shampoo and use it?i have thin hair

    1. Hello goddess,
      Whew, so many questions. Anyway, here goes>

      can i use the alveo vera gel directly from the plant

      Yes you can use the aloe vera gel directly from the plant.

      whch part of the plant should i use near the roots?

      The gel and juice which is found inside the rind (the green outer part of the leaf).

      how much time should i leave it for??

      Anywhere from 1 to 30 minutes. One minute when used as a rinse and 30 minutes when used as a scalp treatment.

      and then i have to wash it with any shampoo?

      Yes you then either wash or rinse it out. If you are using the gel as a treatment for dandruff, you will probably want to shampoo your hair afterwards then follow with an aloe vera rinse that you leave on for 1 minute and then rinse. Be sure that the shampoo you’re using is of good quality.

      she said to mix aleo vera get in the shampoo and use it

      Mix it with your rinse instead or, better yet, use it as your rinse.

      i have thin hair

      If you use aloe vera as a rinse, it will normally add volume and shine.

    1. The following is from the NCBI abstract at
      Sodium hydroxymethylglycinate (SHMG) is a preservative used in many commercially available products, including shampoos, conditioners, soaps, moisturizers, body sprays, baby wipes, room sprays, cleaning agents, and pesticides. It is in a class of chemicals known as formaldehyde-releasing preservatives. Notably, members of this class have been associated with allergic contact dermatitis, possibly due to the agents themselves, the formaldehyde they release, or both. Studies on SHMG in animals have demonstrated potential for sensitization and dermatitis, and formaldehyde-allergic patients have been reported to improve when products containing SHMG are avoided. Patients and providers need to be aware of this preservative.

    1. It won’t do any harm to use the gel without shampooing first, however washing your hair and scalp first allows the gel better access to your scalp and hair shaft.

  22. Hey just wondering if i could use aloe vera gel just by its self as i have cases of hair loss and dandruff . If so how do i use it/apply? as im thinking of buying it online . Do you knowany good aloe vera gel brands and sites to but it from please reply asap! Thanks.

    1. Welcome to

      Aloe vera is gentle and will not harm you by applying the gel directly to your hair. Actually, it should be applied to your scalp as that is where your hair loss and dandruff originate. After you apply the aloe vera gel, cover your head and leave on for a minimum of 30 minutes.

      You asked where to purchase a good quality aloe vera gel. There are a number of companies that carry IASC certified aloe gel. One I like is Lily of the Desert. You can purchase it from Amazon or from your local health food store. It’s also sold on Ebay (possibly your best price). Jason Natural also carries IASC certified aloe products specifically for the hair. You can read about their products at

      I’m concerned with what is causing your hair loss. Do you know? If not, it would be a very good idea to find out. I suggest a visit to a good physician if you have not already done so. Why? Because you are one of our goddesses and we love our goddesses and want each and every one of them to be healthy and happy. That includes you.

      Be sure and read the other posts on hair care for additional information. The links are at the bottom of the above post.

      Be sure and get back to us on your progress.

  23. i used back their in Pakistan and i almost growed my hairs back and some more too i used to put aloe vera gel fresh from the plant leaves anf an hour later wash my scalp with egg shampoo.
    Here in USA in two years i’m loosing hair so faast. so, far in two years receded hair to an inch back, thining etc., now using again aloe vera

    1. So glad to hear the aloe worked so well for you. Keep us posted as your hair returns to normal again.

  24. Is it necessary to rinse after applyin aloe vera gel straight from the plant, or can I leave it in, I know someone who leaves it in, and claims that it just evaporates like water. My first time using the plant

    1. Hello beautiful goddess,

      You do not have to rinse aloe vera gel out of your hair. Be sure and check out the other posts on aloe vera gel including the aloe vera hair gel recipes.

      1. i was going to mix it with a soapwort tea, adding a little vegetable glycerin, the recipe i have suggests half a cup of aloe vera, could i use it everyday?

          1. If you feed aloe vera lavender tea, you end up with aloe vera and lavender plus any other ingredients in the tea. It’s like adding sugar or honey to tea, you still have a liquid, but the components, the sugar + tea, remain unique.

        1. I see no reason why you can’t use it every day. However, too much washing can have a drying effect. Unless you have oily hair, every day may be too much. The only way to know is to try it.

    1. Aloe vera penetrates the hair shaft and henna simply stains the outside of the shaft. I see no conflict between the two. As for the time, your hair will absorb the aloe vera only to it’s maximum ability and then stop. Additional time will neither help nor hurt the hair.

    1. Chemically speaking there is no reason why not that I can find. However, it may alter the fixing power of your hair gel. The only way to know for sure is to try it.
      My biggest concern with doing this is that commercially made products have preservatives in them at specific concentrations. By adding the aloe vera gel, you may throw this off. With this in mind, you could end up with spoiled hair gel. My suggestion would be to remove a small quantity of your hair gel, add the desired amount of aloe vera gel and make sure you use it up quickly. Better yet, refrigerate it.
      Good luck and let us know how it works out for you.

      1. Thanks for your response! I was thinking the same thing, that mixing both gels could ruin the whole mix and make it unusable! :/ It’s just that aloe vera gel on it’s on has no hold for my curly hair! Thanks again! 😀

    1. Yes, you can shampoo after using aloe vera as a hair treatment. We recommend using a shampoo that contains aloe vera gel as one of its main ingredients. (Better yet, make your own shampoo without the harmful preservatives.

  25. Thanks for the link. I have got another one which says “Nature Quest”-Natural aloe vera gel

    contains: purified water, Xanthum gum, aloe vera leaf, citric acid, sodium hydroxymethylgycinate

    Do you advice this one to apply on hair?

    1. I personally wouldn’t use a product that contained the preservative Sodium Hydroxymethylglycinate. It’s a skin and eye irritant.

  26. Thank you very much for quick reply and very helpful tip. I was planning to use it like hair oil, applying on hair/scalp for few hours and washing off with normal[without chemicals] shampoo as iam experience hair loss n want regrowth

    Will look for out for it, but couldn’t find it in health store as they store it for skin or Aloe vera drink[i live in Aus]. When i enquired they said there is not such thing for hair, but as u said need to find pure aloe vera gel or aloe fruit

    Thanks once again Cheers!!!

  27. I have got 99% pure Plunketts Aloe vera gel for skin [couldn’t find for hair] can that be straight away applied on hair?

    I tried searching for hair but couldn’t find it, so can you help me out with above question of using aleo vera skin gel for hair.

    1. Plunketts Aloe vera gel contains Allantion (a healing chemical found in comfrey root, but not recommended for long term use), Carbomer (thickener), Di Sodium ededate (a preservative), Sodium Hydroxy methylglycinate (A preservative that can be extremely irritating if you get it in your eyes) and Grapefruit seed extract in addition to Aloe vera.

      If it was me, I wouldn’t use this product in my shampoos.

      I buy my Aloe vera with nothing added to it. You can find suppliers online that offer it that way. It’s a bit more expensive, but worth the price. Check your local pharmacy and health food stores, they often stock Aloe vera gel. Just be sure and read the label so you know what’s in the product besides the Aloe vera.

      We love you.

      1. Hello could you please provide me the link of the supplier that supplies pure aloe vera gel ? I tried plunkets and am not happy with the product.

    2. I use to make my own aloe vera gel. i’s very easy and practically use to take 7-10 min. I use to grow my own aloe vera in home. For making gel it’s very easy. Go through this link:-
      Sometime i use to experiment with this recipe and now instead of using tablets i use lemon juice and almond oil. It work wonder on my hair.

        1. Hi Authors,
          I feel very good seeing this article but I am already using Aloe vera gel taken directly from plant as I have it in my house.As i already know that it helps in hair treatments like reducing hair loss,dandruff,skin problem etc.Before I use to use it by mixing up along with coconut oil and boil it and then cool it and use it.But now a days I am using it directly to hair but I find many white hair now a days.So my doubt is does applying Aloe vera gel directly hair lead to white hairs.Please suggest me.

          1. I am the same person who posted the above comment another thing is like I even started feeling itching and dandruff along with white hairs after using Aloe vera gel directly from plant.Why is it so??I used it for hair softning,reducing hair loss,to get good hair growth but why did this happen.Is it any side effect??

          2. Hi Authors,
            Can you please reply my two comments because I don’t want to loose any of my hairs anymore nor can bare seeing this white hairs and itching anymore.SO please reply me asap as I waiting for ur reply.And please even suggest the remedies for it.

          3. Hi there Guest,

            The only thing I can think of you having the problem with your hair is that you have either developed an allergy to aloe vera or you are reacting to the aloin in your plants. Heating reduces the concentration of aloin in whole plant aloe vera. If you’re capturing too much aloin from your plants without heating, the aloin concentration may be too high.

            The quickest test is to quit using the aloe vera on your hair and see if the symptoms clear up. If they don’t, you’ll know the problem lies elsewhere.

            As an alternative, you might want to see an allergist and get tested. That’s the surest way to know if it’s the aloe vera or something else that is causing your reaction.

            You indicated that your hair is falling out and turning white. Both of these symptoms can be brought about by a traumatic event in your life. I do not believe there are any reports in scientific studies (and I looked) of aloe vera turning hair white. I suspect something else is going on that is causing that to happen.

            Good luck and be sure and let us know how you’re doing.

  28. i recently used aloe vera gel as a shampoo for my severly damaged hair and it is so soft and manageable now…the next time i shampooed i only rinsed my hair…no shampoo and it is still soft and manageable. this last time after rinsing i used a apple cider vinegar and water solution….results……wonderful….never using commercial shampoo again………only aloe vera gel

    1. Thanks from everyone for sharing your experience with aloe gel. It’s truly wonderful stuff. As for the vinegar rinse, that’s one my grandmother swore by.

      1. Though there are no hard and fast rules as to the amount of vinegar to use, start with 1/2 to 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to 1 cup of water. After you shampoo, rinse your hair with with the vinegar solution and rinse. (Some people opt not to rinse after applying the vinegar solution and that’s fine. The vinegar odor will disappear after your hair dries.)

        Generally you will want to use this rinse two or three times a week as it can have a drying effect to your hair and scalp if used too often.

        It’s wonderful, give it a try.

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