Vitiligo Cosmetics – What and What Doesn’t Work to Cover Skin Flaws?

If you have vitiligo, tattoos, scars, birthmarks or dark patches on your skin, you can cover them up to get that flawless complexion of the stars. Yes, the stars you see on TV and in the movies use cover up cosmetics because they have the same skin conditions that plague the rest of us. The difference is they have cosmetic experts to help them hide the flaws.

The same manufacturers that produce vitiligo cosmetics also use blends to conceal other skin flaws such as scars, lacerations and birthmarks. The first goal is to know what works and what doesn’t, the second goal is to know what makeup to use, the third goal is to know how to use the makeup and the fourth goal is to know where to get help when you need it.

Vitiligo cosmetics that don’t work

Simple cover or foundation make up you buy at the local pharmacy or big box store isn’t going to work, so don’t waste your time and money buying these products with the idea that they will. Concealers designed to cover a spot or two, like that unwanted zit, won’t work either to cover larger problem areas of the skin.

Two other cosmetic corrections that don’t work include liquid dyes, Loha Bhasma and Swarna Karani. These concoctions come off the skin too easily.

Vitiligo cosmetics that work

To cover vitiligo and other skin flaws you will need corrective makeup, also called cover makeup and camouflage makeup.

Tattoos as cover makeup

Before we discuss cover makeup, I just want to mention tattooing is an option used by some vitiligo sufferers. Tattooing is used as a vitiligo cosmetic to cover the white spots primarily around the mouth and back of the hands. It is most effective on darker skinned people. However, the tattoo option does have some drawbacks.

If the doctor or technician isn’t highly skilled, you may end up with an unsatisfactory color match. If you go to a tattoo technician that’s doesn’t thoroughly sterilize his or her instruments, you can come away with hepatitis or aids. Also, tattoos fade over time and the procedure will need to be performed again in 2 – 5 years.

Cover makeup

Five big names in vitiligo cosmetics include Covermark, Dermablend, Dermacolor, Keromask and Veil. These are not the only companies that provide cover makeup, but they’re a good place to start.

Covermark offers one-on-one counseling if you click on their “Ask the Expert” tab and explain the skin problem you’re trying to cover. Dermablend suggests which of their products to use depending on which skin condition you have. Kryolan’s Dermacolor offers palets of color so you can experiment until you get the exact match that you want. They also have an excellent section on how to apply their products. Veil has an awesome sample kit that you can purchase on their website. They also have a good set of instructions and tips. All five companies have tattoo concealing products.

Before you race out and buy these products or any others, check out each company’s website. There you will learn more about the products they offer and which product you may want to try for your specific skin problem.

You can purchase these products online and sometimes at larger department stores such as Penny’s and Macy’s.

How to use cover up cosmetics

You begin by thoroughly cleansing your skin. This is standard procedure regardless of which cosmetic you choose.

After you cleanse, the next step is somewhat of a blur. Some folks recommend a moisturizer at this point and some staunchly recommend against it. Whether you use a moisturizer before your cover up cosmetic is going to depend on two things; which product you have chosen to use and your skin type. Check with the manufacturer.

Dermablend has some great videos that show you exactly how to apply their products. Other manufacturers have written instructions. Don’t be afraid to contact them if you have questions or problems.

Generally, you will apply a cover up in thin coats. Don’t try and rush the process. Start from the middle of the affected area and work outward. Extend the cover up a few millimeters beyond the scar or white patch. Allow the concealer to dry for five minutes then add an additional coat if needed and allow it to dry for five more minutes. Continue this process until the desired coverage is achieved.

After the last coat of concealer is dry, a powder is applied to set the concealer.

Since the concealers are waterproof, you will need a cream to remove them. All of the above companies sell removers for their products along with the setting powder, and supplies.

When and where to get help

If the application of vitiligo cosmetics involves larger portions of your skin or you can’t quite figure out the right way to camouflage a scar, it’s time to see a professional makeup artist. You will find these specially trained professionals in online directories, in beauty shops, spas, and at cosmetic counters of higher end department stores. Do a search of the yellow pages for your area and there will probably be some listed. You might also talk to your dermatologist for help in finding someone. Cosmetic artists will charge you a fee for their service, so you want to make sure you know how much that is and if they have experience in covering your skin condition.

There are many helpful tutorials online on applying cover up. I usually go there first. They’re free and that’s a good thing.

A final word

If you don’t like having white spots on your body, you can make them disappear with vitiligo cosmetics. If you don’t like that red look from rosacea, get rid of it with a good cover up. If a scar or other unwanted mark is giving you fits, you can get rid of that too. That’s the beauty of cover up cosmetics; they’re wonderful at hiding what we don’t want others to see. Just remember, we here at SpaFromScratch love you just the way you are.

Now go have fun and relax.

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10 thoughts on “Vitiligo Cosmetics – What and What Doesn’t Work to Cover Skin Flaws?

  1. Hi. My sister has Vitilgu disease. She was a happy girl with the advent of the disease, especially in her hands, into a depressed girl. Please, have a special cream with a strong coverage that can be prepared in Iran. Thank you very much

    1. Hi Ashraf,
      So sorry to hear about your sister. Fortunately, vitiligo isn’t a life-threatening condition. Tell her to hang in there as many really smart people are working on a way to cure this condition.
      The following two sites have the latest research and treatments, including topical creams. Unfortunately, these are not treatments you can make at home. However, you may be able to purchase them at your local pharmacy. In the United States, a prescription is needed. I don’t know how it works in Iran.

      Do stay in touch and let us know how she’s doing. Tell your sister we love her.

  2. i have vitiligo patches on both lips,which lipstick or makeup can i use that will not worsen the condition.i have tried some lipsticks but i feel my lips are burning,please advise me.

  3. I have vitiligo on both my eyes, just above the eyelids. What
    is the best way to cover this without the need to wear a full face of makeup everyday. I have medium skin tones and I have used dermablend which didn’t work at all, the pure white skin still showed through

  4. I have a white birthmark (not sure if it’s really a birthmark) on my left upper arm which is getting progressed day by day. I’ve consulted few dermatologists for this and ended up with different views. One says it’s Pytiriasis alba and other says it’s a birth mark. I finally decided to go for concealers as in this case Dermacolor. Can you suggest if I can use those products on my hands daily?

  5. I am an african american woman with white patches that have been treated with vitiligo light treatments. These areas are on my face so they are darker than my normal skin colour. I am a brown skin, similar to caramel, type of complexion. I am finding it hard to find a makeup that does not get distored when I apply it to my face. I cannot find a makeup that is brown in colour. Once I apply the makeup it cannot maintain the red undertones in the makeup. It seems that where I have the treatment with the light it has made things look grey or darker in colour. I hope someone would be able to help me figure out how to apply makeup in these areas so its unified. I don’t know what product or products to use. I also need it to stay on so I don’t have to reapply. I have dry to oil skin.

  6. My skin problem is veins that show on my lower torso, thighs and legs. Does Vitiligo cosmetics cover these flaws? I would like to wear summer clothing that show my legs too as well as my upper body. I haven’t been able to wear shorts or bathing suits for many years because of the flaws on my lower body.

    1. Yes, vitiligo concealers will work for covering unsightly veins. However, better cosmetics for varicose or spider veins are those designed specifically for that problem. You might try Estee Lauder Bare Legs Waterproof Make Up or Aloones Derma Color.

      I would suggest paying a visit to an esthetician to get instruction and color advice. This will cost you some money up front, but will probably save you money in the long run.

      For a longer term fix, add 20 drops of Cypress Essential Oil to a warm baty (not hot, just warm).

      In addition, eat foods rich in bioflavenoids and vitamin C.

      If you haven’t done so, be sure and talk to your doctor about those exposed veins. S/he might offer some alternative and more permanent fixes.

      Hope this helps

      We love you and think you’re beautiful veins showing or not.

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